I’m Jesper Rasmussen
a developer, Scrum Master, espressogeek
from Denmark

who is this ?

Jesper Rasmussen is 34 years old, and lives just outside Odense, Denmark. He works as a developer for Denmark’s largest, commercial TV network, TV 2. In the spare time he runs a small code-consultancy.

recent public projects

My dotfiles are now available on GitHub
Octopress Flickr Generator
A page generator, creates indexes of imagesets on flickr
Scrum Crash Course
A series of slides, explaining the Scrum process in simple terms.

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Running Docker on Homebrew

- - posted in Mac, OS X, code, development, hosting

Docker has been growing in popularity among developers and sysadmins for the last few years, but it wasn’t until recently I decided to look into it for some of the projects I run in my sparetime, and try it out for myself.

Globally Ignore .DS_Store on Mac

- - posted in Git, Mac, OS X, code, development

When developing on the Mac, using Git as your version control system, one of the first things you’ll notice is that Git adds .DS_Store files to your repository.

This is not needed, as .DS_Store basically just handles settings on the directory it’s in, and as such it’s useless to share this with other developers. You can ignore the files per repository, but the best approach is usually to ignore it on a global level. Here is how to do it.

Troubleshooting Command-T for Vim / MacVim on OS X Mavericks

- - posted in Mac, OS X, development

I recently made a clean install of my Mac, including MacVim and Command-T.

This didn’t go quite as expected on my clean Mavericks Mac, and as I’ve been unable to find the fix anywhere (And the crash reported make little sense unless you have experienced this before), I figured I might as well provide the fix I just made on my setup.

Setting Up Flickr Galleries in Octopress

- - posted in automation, code, development, media, octopress, photography

During the last few years, I’ve picked up photography as one of my pastime activities.

Up until recently, I was using Jekyll with a gallery gem to manage my galleries online, for my family and friends.

However, as flickr recently changed their service, by upgrading all users to 1Tb free space, as well as improving the design and functionality a lot, I decided to move all of my public galleries to flickr.